Emilie Bouvier Photography website description

emiliebouvier.fr website has been created by Emilie Bouvier, an amateur photographer located in France. It includes a number of photographic clichés, mainly landscapes and animal portraits. As a very passionate about photography, I had the opportunity to visit beautiful countries and I wanted to share my vision of these travels.

Through my albums, travel across Iceland, puis la Martinique et ensuite la Chine. Il y a également le Canada, le Brésil, les Etats-Unis et enfin, la Thaïlande et l’Angleterre .

Then, you can admire animals like cats with essentially photos of  my two Bengal cats. You will then find an album with red squirrels, gray squirrels and chipmunks. Finally, there is also the various album with, among others, shots of gerbils or Eurasian kingfisher.


In addition, some pictures are also visible on my gallery 500px : https://500px.com/emiliebouvier1