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Thus, any fraudulent use of the photographic content of this site, without the express authorization of the author is formally prohibited. (See article L122-4 of the Code of Intellectual Property)

In addition, the copying, editing / deletion of the logo and the reframing of the works presented are strictly forbidden.

In conclusion, the offenders are liable to prosecution, in accordance with Article L335-2 and L335-3 of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Extracts from articles:

Art. L.335-2. Any edition of writing, musical composition, drawing of a painting or any other production printed or engraved in whole or in part, in violation of the laws and regulations relating to the property of the authors, is an infringement; and any counterfeit is a crime. In France, counterfeiting of works published in France or abroad is punishable by three years imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 Euros. The same penalties shall be imposed on the debit, export and import of counterfeit works.

Art. L.335-3. It is also an offense of forgery any reproduction, representation or dissemination, by any means whatsoever, of a work of the mind in violation of the rights of the author, as defined and regulated by law.